20 Cogs Helpdesk

How does 20 Cogs work?

20 Cogs is a really simple way of earning some easy money from the comfort of your home, or on your mobile on the move.

· You will be presented with various offers, from surveys and competitions to free trials and site registrations.

· Every Cog has alternative offers to choose from, complete at least one offer from each Cog and you’ll be able to profit from every single offer you successfully complete.

· When you complete a cog as instructed, the status will change to amber (pending). Please give us some time to update the status, sometimes this can take 48 hours.

· Once in pending, our advertisers will then check if you have completed the offer correctly. Normally this happens quite quickly, however, this can take up to 30 days. When the advertiser has confirmed you have fully completed the offer, it will change from amber (pending) to green (confirmed).

· When all 20 Cogs have turned green a claim button will appear and you will be able to request payment to your bank account and you will have the earnings in your account within a few working days! . You can also earn extra money, simply refer your friends and earn 5% of everything they earn forever and when your refered friend completes 20 Cogs you will also get an additional £20 bonus!

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