Subscriptions with retailers
Whilst many of the offers on 20Cogs have no charge, for some of the offers the retailer may ask you to sign up for a free trial or a subscription.  

You do not have to sign up to or continue with any subscription unless you want to! 

As long as you have fulfilled the terms and conditions of the offer your cog will update!

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions for the offer carefully BEFORE you sign up to the retailer to make sure you don't get an unexpected charge!

For example, an offer with Which? may ask you to sign up for a free 7 day trial.  Please be aware that by registering for their free trial you may also be signing up to a subscription that starts when the free trial ends! This should be explained in the retailer's terms and conditions. 

For the offer to update you only need to stay a member of Which? for the 7 day free trial.  You must stay a member for the entire 7 days for the offer to update but you may cancel any subscriptions on the 7th day.

Many of our members write themselves a note in their calendars to remind them to cancel any subscriptions they don't wish to continue with.  You must contact the retailer directly to cancel a trial or subscription, we cannot do it for you.

Your cog should turn Amber within 2 day of you taking the offer.  Amber cogs can take upto 30 days to turn green while the retailers do their checks but you don't need to keep your subscription any longer than the specified days, unless you want to!

Many of our members have discovered fantastic new products they may not have come across before such as Graze and Waldo!

If you have been charged by the retailer you will need to contact them to discuss it further, we have no access or control over their systems and cannot help you with cancelling subscriptions.